“Fashionality” is a newly coined term that refers to the visual culture and semiotics of dress and adornment. Combining the words “fashion,” “personality,” and “nationality,” it suggests the interplay between clothing, identity and culture. Reflecting wide geographic and cultural diversity, this exhibition focuses upon the ways in which the concerns, identities and aesthetics of those living in Canada are expressed, deconstructed and reconfigured through the idiom of dress.

This blog records exhibition-related information, as well as work and events related to artists appearing in the show.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Delightful Exposure

The McMichael's fundraiser, Fashion as Art -- Exposed!  was a tremendous success. Based upon the theme of the relationship between art and dress/fashion, the main event was the celebration of the "Group of Seven" fashion designers, who were showcased in a fashion show. 

The McMichael crew did an magnificent job, and the show -- hosted by Fashion doyenne Jeanne Beker -- was stunning, with models showcasing the work of the designers to live "crazy classical" violin, and ending up standing in seven human-sized red picture frames.  Everything else was equally perfect, including a raffle for a beautiful Charles Pachter painting, delicious nibbles and drinks, and gorgeous decorations. 

Artists (from left) Barbara Pratt, Nicole Dextras, Camal Pirbhai,
Camille Turner and guest curator Julia Pine.

As you'll see in the pictures, a number of the Fashionality artists were there.  A wonderful night!

Here are some great photos from the FashionEcstacy blog:


You may need a Facebook account to access these, but here are the McMichael photos for the night, if you can:


Also check out the Perrier Society pages here:


And here's one featuring all the gorgeous glitterati:


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